Handmade Soap Making Process


We use the Cold Process Method to make our soaps. This preserves the beneficial effects of all our natural ingredients.

In the Cold Process Method we use Happy Hands to combine Carrier Oils and other Natural Ingredients with Sodium Hydroxide. During the saponification process which turns oil into soap, sodium hydroxide is the only chemical used. But none of it remains in its original form by the time the soap is done. All soap consists of saponified oils.

We prepare our natural ingredients differently depending on each soap formula. Dried flowers, for example, are infused in olive oils for at least two months before they are used. Finally, the saponified bars of soap need to be gently cured over a period of six to eight weeks.

A great bar of soap is the result of the careful balancing of different natural oils and butters for maximum moisturising effect and benefit to our skin. Herbs and essential oils infuse the skin with rich nutrients. To this end handmade soaps are not just for cleansing; they play an important role in natural skin care.

We choose and combine all our ingredients carefully to create the finest products available. Our soaps do wonderful things to your skin and hair. They are a luxurious, inexpensive and healthy treat that you can give yourself every day.